The company Navel Project

Who we are

We are creative, innovative, imaginative and entrepreneurial professionals, who took the step of finding and uniting more people in the world.

We understand that the human being is able to build ideas through the resources he possesses, today the global connection allows us to be closer through networks.

“Our purpose in Navel Proyect is to transform territorial planning for people living in emerging countries”

After many years of taking part in architectural competitions, and working in construction and investment processes in northern Argentina, we did not realizethat we could solve two problems.

The creatives of the world need space to create more and better works,and the ma-yor wealth of emerging countries are the unique natural-cultural frameworks that are not properly exploited and do not have the investments to thinkabout these Projects. And now, Navel Project was born for hatpurpose, to unite ideas.

We want to plan for the long term.